Rooted in integrity and ethics, McKinley Strategies builds the relationships that deliver results in today’s ever-changing world from the Statehouse to the White House and everywhere in-between.

Our firm’s name pays homage to President William McKinley, our nation’s 25th president who shares our founders’ ties to Canton, Ohio. Throughout his career, McKinley was known for his character and integrity, hallmarks of our firm and founders’ commitment to the same.

Perhaps best known for his front porch campaign that saw McKinley giving over 300 speeches from the wraparound deck of his home facing North Market Street on his way to the White House in 1896, McKinley understood the advantage of building relationships and personal connections. We do, too.



  • Fortune 500 companies
  • Public Broadcasting
  • Various arts clients
  • Local governments
  • Trade associations
  • Construction industry
  • Manufacturers
  • Insurance companies
  • Medical facilities 
  • Insurance industry
  • Workers compensation companies
  • Nursing homes
  • Gaming industry
  • Financial services
  • Public schools
  • Metals industry
  • Tobacco industry
  • Coal companies
  • Natural gas industry
  • Telecommunications industry

Our Suite of Services

Ohio Legislative and Executive Lobbying and Procurement

Federal Lobbying of Congress and the Executive Branch

Data-based Targeting and Messaging Strategies

Developing Internal Government and Community Affairs Operations, Political Action Committees, and CEO/Executive Government Engagement Strategies

Grassroots, including 3rd party coalition building and employee activation


One of the quotes that best exemplifies lobbying comes from the world of boxing.

“Everybody has a plan, until they get punched in the mouth.”

Our team is here to make sure you have a plan but will also help you prepare for all eventualities and “counter-punches” that always come up when dealing with government.

Our services run the gambit from Ohio legislative and executive lobbying and procurement to federal lobbying of Congress and the executive branch. Our team also provides data-based targeting and messaging strategies to companies who are interested in expanding their footprint and need some help doing so.

We have experience helping companies to develop internal government and community affairs operations, political action committees, and CEO/executive government engagement strategies.

Lobbying 2.0

Interacting with the government has changed significantly in the world of 24-hour news, social media, digital campaigning, and the ever-changing discourse of politics in general.

With such rapid and major changes, the way we engage government cannot stay the same. The days of knocking on office doors in the statehouse and having back-slapping conversations with committee chairmen (who have been in their chairmanship for 25 years) are over.

We at McKinley Strategies know relationships will always be a critical component of lobbying. We also know how to blend the old and the new together to make sure our clients are communicating to the right audiences via every medium possible.

We have the experience and the relationships to tap into the most cutting-edge technology available and ensure that not only legislators and staff will know the benefits of your issue, but everyone in their sphere of influence will know the benefits as well.

In addition to strategic relationships with the best digital and data companies in the business, we have grassroots and grass-tops professionals in-house to round up any number of 3rd party validators who will speak on your behalf in the media, social media, letters, petitions, letters-to-the-editor, emails, phone calls, and more.

Sometimes knocking on the door of a particular legislator is the fourth or fifth step in the process. By the time you knock, they should already have heard from a number of people about your issue.

Our job is helping you to figure out which step comes first and to put you in the best position to be successful.


3rd Party Coalition Building

McKinley Strategies helps our clients identify and activate individuals, groups, consumers, customers, and others with an interest in helping advance our policy initiatives.

Employee Activation

Often times, corporate executives do not understand or appreciate what their greatest resource is, their employees. McKinley Strategies will help harness your business’ assets and help them deliver a message that will resonate with policymakers.

We Accomplish This Through:

  • Letter Writing Campaigns
  • Phone/Email/Web-Based Contacts
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Op-Eds Placed in Local and National Newspapers
  • Radio/Television Interviews
  • Social Media Intercepts
  • Legislator Intercepts
  • Community Events
  • Statehouse Rallies
  • Facilitate Meetings with Policymakers

Our Team

Tim Timken

Chief Executive Officer

Ward J. “Tim” Timken, Jr. is the Chief Executive Officer of McKinley Strategies. In his role, he is the managing partner of the general business-consulting portion of the firm and oversees and works across other functions of the business such as government affairs, political, and grassroots. Prior to co-founding McKinley Strategies, Tim was the Chairman, President and CEO of TimkenSteel Corporation (TMST) and was also the Executive Chairman of The Timken Company from 2006-2014.

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Ryan Stenger

Chief Operating Officer

Prior to co-founding McKinley Strategies, Ryan Stenger was the Vice President of Government Affairs at TimkenSteel. While at TimkenSteel, Ryan worked closely with the White House and various federal agencies as well as with all levels of state government in Ohio. As a former Congressional Chief of Staff, Ryan has worked closely with federal and state elected officials for the last twenty years on issues including tax policy, trade, energy and the environment, state and federal budgets, workforce development, and healthcare to name a few.

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Jason Paduchik

Vice President

Jason Paduchik is the Vice President of McKinley Strategies and oversees the firm’s government affairs practice.  Jason has 25 years of political, government, and advocacy experience in 13 states, including Ohio.  Jason will help lead the government affairs team to develop individualized strategy for each of the firm’s clients and work every day to make sure all of McKinley Strategies’ clients have a seat at the table on issues important to them.

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Joe Erb

Managing Partner, Grassroots Division

Joe Erb is the Managing Partner of Grassroots Engagement at McKinley Strategies where he oversees all grassroots and grasstops business of the firm as well as works on various client issues with the legislature and executive branch. Prior to joining McKinley Strategies, Joe has worked in over 40 states and countless cities throughout the country for his clients. Joe is one of the country’s foremost experts on grassroots lobbying.

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Alan Weissen

Director of Grassroots

Alan Weissen is the director of grassroots for McKinley Strategies where he works with the firm’s clients throughout the U.S. on their outreach and mobilization needs. Alan helps to develop strategies with each grassroots client to ensure that their message is heard, remembered, and acted upon by various decision makers across the country.

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Josette Milli

Director of Government Affairs

Josette Milli is the Director of Government Affairs at McKinley Strategies. Prior to joining McKinley, Josette was Director of Outreach for Congressman Anthony Gonzalez. She previously served as Regional Liaison for Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted’s office…

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Brian Daniels

Manager of Grassroots

Brian is a graduate of Ohio University majoring in Communications and Political Science and completed his graduate degree at Ashland University. He has worked for 18 years in government affairs, 10 of which he spent as an independent contractor with his LLC Buckeye Client

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